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Scanian is used in parts of southern Sweden and Denmark.

Entries shown below:  Scanian, Lûngadialekten, Österlendialekten, and Trelleborgska

top Scanian

1) Var e mitt rom?

2) Var e strannen?

3) Var e fyllet?

4) La waer å prega där!

top Lûngadialekten

Scanian Lûngadialekten is used in the city of Lund in southern Sweden.

1) Hvåur e mitt rom?

2) Hvåur e strannen?

3) Hvåur e baren?

4) Rør mi ente darr!

top Österlendialekten

Scanian Österlendialekten is used in Österlen, the southeastern part of the Swedish province of Scania.

1) Hår e mitt rom?

2) Hår e hauborren?

3) Hår e baren?

4) Lo bö mi där!

top Trelleborgska

The Trelleborgska dialect of Scanian is used in the municipality of Trelleborg in southernmost Sweden.

1) Hår e mitt rom?

2) Hår e strannen?

3) Hår e baren?

4) La ble mi darr!

Language information at Wikipedia

The Scania - Skåneland site has information on the history, geography, and politics surrounding this langauge

Alternate names for Scanian include Skåne, Skånska, Skånsk, Southern Swedish, and Eastern Danish

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