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Persian / Western Farsi

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Constructed scripts below:  Bostani and Uniscript

Persian is used in parts of Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan.

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Shown using IPA and the Perso-Arabic script:


Writing system information at Wikipedia and Omniglot

top Persian using the Bostani ConScript

Ian James (with major contributions by Mattias Persson) created Bostani as an alternative script for Persian. It is written from left to right and most letters have upper- and lowercase forms.

[Persian using Bostani]

Writing system information at Sky Knowledge and Omniglot

top Persian using Uniscript

Pangus Ho created Uniscript in 2013 as a universal, phonemic script capable of writing any language.

[Persian using Uniscript]

See also the main Uniscript page

Writing system information at Omniglot

See the Dari page for Eastern Farsi

Language information at Wikipedia

Alternate names for Persian include Western Farsi, Farsi, New Persian, Parsi, and Irani

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