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Low Saxon

Low Saxon is used in parts of northern Germany and surrounding areas.

Entries shown below:  "Standard" Low Saxon, Bremer Platt, Laenschelder Platt, and Mardorfer Platt.
Related entries elsewhere:  Old Low Saxon / Old Low German.

top "Standard" Low Saxon

1) Woneem is mien Ruum?

2) Woneem is de Strand?

3) Woneem is de Kroog?

4) Faat mi nich dar an!

top Bremer Platt

The Bremer Platt is used in the city of Bremer in Germany.

1) Wo is mien Kamer?

2) Wo is de Strand?

3) Wo is de Kniep?

4) Faat mi nich daar an!

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top Laenschelder Platt

The Laenschelder Platt is used in the municipality of Schenklengsfeld in Hesse, Germany.

1) Bo ess mi Stuh?

2) Bo ess daer Schtrand?

3) Bo ess deh Wärdschaft?

4) Beriehrt Äi mich net doah!

top Mardorfer Platt (also known as Mardröpske Plat)

The Mardorfer Platt is used in the town of Neustadt am Rübenberge, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

1) Wuur is miene kaamer?

2) Wuur is de strand?

3) Wuur is de kroeg?

4) Faat mie nig dor an!

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Alternate names for Low Saxon include Neddersassisch, Niedersaechsisch, Nedersaksisch, Low German, Plattdutsch, Nedderdütsch, Plattdeutsch, Plattduutsch, Plattdüütsch, and Plattdütsch

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