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Travel Phrases using Language Games

This page shows the Four Essential Travel Phrases using various language games where spoken words are changed to make them incomprehensible to the untrained ear.
The most common English "secret language" is Pig Latin, but there are hundreds of others in English and other languages.

English games shown below:  Arpy Darpy, Double Dutch, Gibberish, Obby Dobby, Opish, Pig Elvish, Pig Latin, and Ubbi Dubbi
Games on other pages:  German games: B-sprache and Löffelsprache; Spanish game: Jerigonza; Swedish game: Rövarspråk

Normal English, for reference:

     1) Where is my room?
     2) Where is the beach?
     3) Where is the bar?
     4) Don't touch me there!

top Arpy Darpy

Arpy Darpy is a language game that works on the same principle as Ubbi Dubbi and is spoken in Australia and New Zealand.

1) Wharpere arpis marpy rarpoom?

2) Wharpere arpis tharpe barpeach?

3) Wharpere arpis tharpe barpar?

4) Darpon't tarpouch marpe tharpere!

More information at Wikipedia

top Double Dutch (the English language game, not actual Dutch)

1) Washhutcheruge isus mumyub rugoomum?

2) Washhutcheruge isus tuthutche bubeatutcashhutch?

3) Washhutcheruge isus tuthutche bubarug?

4) Dudonun'tut tutoucashhutch mume tuthutcheruge!

More information at Wikipedia

Double Dutch is also called Tutnese

top Gibberish

Gibberish is a language game spoken in the US and has several variations.

"Arraga" variation:


"Idig" variation:

1) Wherregere irrigis myerryeguy roorroogoom?  
1) Whidigere idigis midigy ridigoom?
2) Wherregere irrigis therrege bearreageach?  
2) Whidigere idigis thidige bidigeach?
3) Wherregere irrigis therrege barragar?  
3) Whidigere idigis thidige bidigar?
4) Dorrogon't tourrougouch merrege therregere!  
4) Didigon't tidigouch midige thidigere!


"Itherg" variation:


"Itug" variation:

1) Whithergere ithergis mithergy rithergoom?  
1) Whitugere itugis mitugy ritugoom?
2) Whithergere ithergis thitherge bithergeach?  
2) Whitugere itugis thituge bitugeach?
3) Whithergere ithergis thitherge bithergar?  
3) Whitugere itugis thituge bitugar?
4) Dithergon't tithergouch mitherge thithergere!  
4) Ditugon't titugouch mituge thitugere!

More information at Wikipedia

Gibberish is also called Jibberish

top Obby Dobby

Obby Dobby is a language game that works on the same principle as Ubbi Dubbi and is spoken in most English-speaking countries.

1) Whobere obis moby roboom?

2) Whobere obis thobe bobeach?

3) Whobere obis thobe bobar?

4) Dobon't tobouch mobe thobere!

More information at Wikipedia

Obby Dobby is also called Pig Greek

top Opish

1) Whoperope opis mopy ropoom?

2) Whoperope opis thope bopeach?

3) Whoperope opis thope bopar?

4) Dopon't topouch mope thoperope!

More information at Wikipedia

Alternate names for Opish include Op and Openglopish

top Pig Elvish (the English language game, not actual Elvish)

Pig Elvish encodes English using an orthography similar to Tolkien's Quenya and Sindarin languages.

1st variation:


2nd variation:

1) Herewí sïen ymen óomró?  
1) Herewó sïen ymen óomrú?
2) Hérewá síén héten ëáchbë?  
2) Hérewa sién héten éáchbí?
3) Herewä síen héten arben?  
3) Hërewé siën heten árbén?
4) Ónden'ten óúchtë emen héretï!   4) Onden'tén óuchtë emen hëretë!

top Pig Latin (the English language game, not actual Latin)

1) Erewhay isay ymay oomray?

2) Erewhay isay ethay each bay?

3) Erewhay isay ethay arbay?

4) Ontday ouch tay emay erethay!

More information at Wikipedia

English to Pig Latin translator

Alternate names for Pig Latin include igpay atinlay and backslang

top Ubbi Dubbi

Ubbi Dubbi is a language game that was used on the 1970s children's TV shows Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and ZOOM,
although Ubbi Dubbi was spoken in the US years before those shows were created.

1) Whubere ubis muby ruboom?

2) Whubere ubis thube bubeach?

3) Whubere ubis thube bubar?

4) Dubon't tubouch mube thubere!

More information at Wikipedia

Alternate names for Ubbi Dubbi include Pig Greek and Obenglobish

Additional general information on language games

The four essential
travel phrases in English:

1) Where is my room?
2) Where is the beach?
3) Where is the bar?
4) Don't touch me there!
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