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Northern Frisian

Northern Frisian is used in Germany's Nordfriesland ("Northern Frisia") district.

Dialects shown below:  Mainland from Bökingharde, Mainland from Wiedingharde, Föhr-Amrum, Helgoland, and Sylt

See also Western Frisian and Old Frisian.

Mainland dialect from Bökingharde

1) Weer as man dörnsch?

2) Weer as e strönj?

3) Weer as e krouf?

4) Fåås me deer ai önj!

Mainland dialect from Wiedingharde

1) Wir äs män dörnsk?

2) Wir äs e struin?

3) Wir äs e krau?

4) Dir mäist ai baikäme!

Föhr-Amrum dialect from the islands of Föhr and Amrum

1) Huar as man dörnsk?

2) Huar as a strun?

3) Huar as at wiartshüs?

4) Ling mi diar ei uun!

Helgoland dialect from the island of Helgoland

1) Wear es miin Dörnsk?

2) Wear es de Strun?

3) Wear es de Kruch?

4) Foate mi dear ni uun!

Sylt dialect from the island of Sylt

1) Hur es min Rüm?

2) Hur es di Strön?

3) Hur es di Wiartshüs?

4) Faati mi diar ek ön!

Language information at the Nordfriisk Instituut (North Frisian Institute) and Wikipedia

Writing system information at Omniglot

Northern Frisian is also called Nordfriesisch

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