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Bavarian is used in the German state of Bavaria, parts of neighboring countries Austria and the Czech Republic, and the Italian province of South Tyrol.

1) Wo waar n biddschee mei Kamma?

2) Wo gangad s n biddschee zan Boon?

3) Wo griag e ez do wos z dringa?

4) Ge! Doo glangsd me fei ned o!

Upper Franconian dialect of Bavarian: spoken in the northeastern part of Bavaria around Bayreuth, Germany

1) Wo isn mai Zimma?

2) Wo isn dä Schdrand?

3) Wo isn dã a Wädshaus?

4) Du deinä Dreggsgriffl dã wech!

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Alternate names for Bavarian include Bayerisch, Bairisch, Bavarian Austrian, and Ost-Oberdeutsch

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